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Submitted by Ciaran Gilsenan / mypp media limited last modified Thu, 22 Mar 2012 11:51:53 GMT.

URL: http://www.mypp.ie


Application Overview

This is a web based application which we can adapt to suit a mobile app.

We take the planning data from Fingal’s Open Data sets and we combine this with planning data from the 3 other planning authorities in Dublin. We then present this information in a clear and concise format on one map.

This allows a user to see what is being planned in their area, and at what stage in the planning process the application is at, no matter where in Dublin an application is submitted.

We have additional features too which allow users to be notified of new applications in their area, a 3D interactive house to identify what works require planning permission, planning leads for suppliers, a directory of professionals, and a news feed of planning related information from local area plans to strategic infrastructure, a summary of these features are outlined below:

Planning Map - Free service

We take the planning applications in Fingal and we map them on one map. We colour code the applications in accordance with their status. Each site notice icon has an information window with the Name of the Local Authority, Planning Reference, Location, Description and a link directly to the relevant drawings and supporting documentation.

Icons used are:

Received - Blue

Invalid/Withdrawn - Grey

Additional Information - Orange

Decision to grant/granted - Green

Decision to refuse/refused - Red

Appealed to an bord Pleanala - Purple


3D House - Planning Guide – Free service

This is a 3D interactive house guide which takes the legalisation relating to planning and development and makes it easy for any user to understand what is exempt and what requires planning for their existing or future home. The text is taken directly from the department of the environment planning and development regulations.


Directory – Free service

We provide a comprehensive list of the industry professionals for users such as, Architects, Engineers, Planning Consultants, Builders, 3D Visualisation, BER Assessors and Landscape Design and Construction.


News / Blog – Free service

All the latest planning news in one place, strategic infrastructure, local area plans, key dates, key decisions, it’s all there.

Get Notified – Freemuim model with upgrade subscription

No more looking out for site notices, or reliance on a diligent neighbour to know if something is being planned near you. We have the data of where the new applications are located, and we allow users to pick an address and as soon as a planning application is received within a specific zone, we email them. Users can upgrade to larger radii as a paid service, most suitable to business users.


Planning Lists – Subscription service

We take the planning data and present this to contractors and suppliers so they can find leads quickly. We allow them to search by multiple fields. This process saves users valuable time reading through planning list looking for the project leads that suit them. We provide the link to the information on Fingal’s site. Now its easier and faster.


All of the data provided on our site is in compliance with data protection and we went to great lengths from the offset to ensure that this was addressed. We have also designed the site to make it as easy as possible for a user to navigate through and find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible.

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