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Fingal Fact Finder

Submitted by Michael Brophy last modified Thu, 22 Mar 2012 11:39:53 GMT.

URL: https://market.android.com/details?id=ie.fingalcoco



Fingal Fact Finder

Fingal Fact Finder is an Android App. It uses many of the data sets available which hold information about facilities in Fingal. All the data set that had the required information (essentially latitude and longitude) have been utilised.


The app allows the user to select from a list of categories of information (again essentially the data set list).


The user can then select the map button which brings them to a map view where they can select to view the location of all or the nearest facility. Selecting a particular map marker will present the user with all the other data from the data set.



If, from the main screen, the user selects the list button, the list of facilities for the particular category is shown, with all the data presented from the open data sets. The data is parsed for phone numbers and web site addresses. If the user presses on a list facility, the map view is open with the location shown by a pin. If the user had long pressed the facility on the list, a context menu is brought up where the user can elect to open the map, make a call (if a phone number was available in the data set) or open a web site (if a website was available).


Language Selection

On the main screen, the user can select the settings icon, from which they can choose an interface in Gaeilge - this uses Irish words for the lists and menus but the basic data is in the original English.


The main screen also allows the user to visit the Fingal County Council website and shows a slideshow of images from around the county.



  • A simple enhancement that I have developed for another app but not integrated into F3 is a rating engine. This would allow a user to provide feedback on the facility (0 to 5 stars) and to see how others have rated the facility.
  • It would be relatively simple to integrate the app into a Fingal facebook page if one where available. This would allow users to 'like' the facilities. The 'likes' would appear on the users' and Fingal's facebook page.
  • The app could be split into a tourism and community version, with the relevant data sets available in each.
  • The data sets could be download (updated) from the open apps data site, however the format of some of the data sets would need minor adjustment and may not be warranted unless it is foreseen that the data sets are updated frequently
  • The app does not use any services that are not aavailable on other mobile devices such as iPhone so a port would be possible.
  • It is envisaged the app will be published free in the Android Market in due course.




Screen Shots


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