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Castle Master

Submitted by Gofran Shukair, Lukasz Porwol last modified Thu, 22 Mar 2012 11:37:26 GMT.

URL: http://www.deri.ie/fileadmin/documents/com.deri.egov.apps4fingal.apk


Castle Master is a joyful way of gaining knowledge about heritage and ancient castles in Fingal County. It adopts an informal learning approach by delivering the information through a mobile game. The challenges incorporated in the game aims to motivate learning through correctly answering questions that reflect the richness of these historical monuments and incentivise players to visit the castles. The gameplay involves arcade and multimedia attractions. 

The application has been implemented for Android 2.2 platform (the most popular Android platform) and has been tested on HTC Desire S mobile device.

The Game stroy line:

You are extraterrestial visitor to Earth and you are exploring Fingal area. You fly around with your saucer and visit interesting heritage locations. Make sure you avoid evil alien UFOs. 

While Castle Master covers only castles in Fingal now, it can easily be expanded to cover new areas and new domains given related data is available.

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