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Submitted by Liam Cantwell, Paul Holthues, James Cantwell last modified Thu, 22 Mar 2012 11:38:20 GMT.

URL: http://explorefingal.com


The idea behind the explorefingal app was to build a game that would encourage people to visit local places of interest. When starting a new game the player selects the categories they are interested in visiting. Categories include

  • Heritage sites
  • Art Centres
  • Scenic walks
  • Parks
  • Museums

Based on the selected categories and the current location of the player, a list of activities will be returned. The list is ordered by proximity to the current location and the player can also toggle to a map view to see the locations plotted on a map.

Each location has one or more tasks that the player must complete in order to finish the game. For example a player might be challenged to:

  • answer a question on the amenity 
  • take a photo at a particular location
  • complete an action such as travel to a set of points on the map
On completing a challenge the player is awarded a number of points. For example if they answer a question correctly the first time they get 100 points for completing the task, if it takes them two attempts they get 50 points and on if they need a third try they only get 33 points (and so on).
They can check their current score and progress as they move through the game.

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