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Submitted by Ricky Jacob last modified Thu, 22 Mar 2012 11:41:31 GMT.

URL: http://postgis.cs.nuim.ie/fingal/FingalGeoWand.apk


FingalGeoWand is an android OS based app. It uses only open data. The main datasets are from OpenStreetMap and the Fingal Open datasets (beaches, art centers, cinema, disabled parking).

The FingalGeoWand uses the GPS location of the user and also takes into account the orientation of the mobile device. Thus the digital compass in the phone lets the application know along which direction the user is pointing the phone.

The GeoWand reduces the data overload by refining and narrowing down the search results to the direction the user is pointing the phone and not the traditional 'around me' query.

This lets tyhe user stand at a road intersection and get feedback about features along the streets by pointing the phone like a torch along the street by holding it parallel to the road.


How it works:

Step1: The user selects the maximum search distance (200-4000 metres) by clicking the list box with distances

Step 2: The user selects a point of interest (currently works with only one POI at a time, will be extended to query different POIs together in one search)

Step 3: The user clicks the 'What's along here?' button

Step 4: The user now performs the scan (holding the mobile device parallel to the ground and slowly moving it around him to query features in the region)



The user will be alerted by vibration alarm when some positive results for the query is found. The name and distance to the feature will be displayed in the yellow box below.

Screen Shots


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