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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Dominic Byrne on Sun, 08 Jan 2012 19:44:22 GMT

Why is Fingal organising the Apps4Fingal competition?

Fingal County Council believes that publishing open data, and stimulating the creation of mobile and online apps assists economic development, improves the quality of life for the whole community.  The Council also believes that releasing data to the public provides important transparency that encourages government accountability and accessibility and enables citizen participation.

What are the criteria for the winning entries?

Application entries will be judged on Usefulness, Category relevance, Design, Innovation, Ease of Use and Appeal.

Ideas entries will be judged on Usefulness, Innovation, Practicability and Appeal.

How much does it cost to enter?    

There is no cost to enter.

How do I enter?    

Complete the online entry forms - there's one for App Entries and one for Idea Entries

Is it possible to have all categories – tourism, enterprise and community in same site?

Yes, it is permitted to submit an entry that relates to all three categories.

Do I retain Intellectual Property ownership?

Yes, all entrants regardless of winner status will retain Intellectual Property ownership of their software applications, but must agree to make their applications available for free throughout the competition period and for six months after.

Can more than one person work on an application and receive credit for it?  And if the app wins a prize, will the prize money be split among the creators?


Can I enter more than one application?

Yes, but you will only be eligible to win a prize for one entry.

Who is eligible to enter the competition and from what countries?

The competition is open to Irish residents or companies – a valid Irish address must be submitted with each entry and PO boxes will not be accepted.  Companies who wish to enter must be registered in Ireland.  The Competition is not open to Fingal County Council employees or their families.

We are a company.  Can we enter?

Companies with 10 or less employees may enter and compete for the cash prizes. Companies with more than 10 employees may enter and compete for the Larger Company Recognition Award, which has no cash prize.

Must I use Fingal data?  Where can I find it?

Yes, entries must use at least one Fingal dataset.  Datasets can be found at the Fingal Open Data website http://data.fingal.ie or the fingal datasets on the Dublinked website http://www.dublinked.ie  Datasets from the Dublinked website must be open (indicated by a green coloured O symbol)

Do entries need to be specifically for Fingal businesses?

No, entries do not need to be specifically for Fingal businesses, but applications submitted must use Fingal data.

If I’m making an iPhone app, does it have to be on the app store?

All apps need to be "working software apps".  iPhone apps need to be submitted to the app store but don't need to be approved.

Is the competition open to mobile websites that look and operate just like apps, and work on every mobile phone?

Yes, the competition is open to both Mobile and Internet Apps including Internet based Apps for mobile devices.

Is there any special technology requirement?

No, there is no special technology requirement, but you should try to ensure that your App is available to the widest range of users.

Can I make my App available as Open Source?


Will more data be added to Fingal Open Data or Dublinked?

Data may be added to the Fingal Open Data or Dublinked websites during the competition.  Existing dataset may also be updated during the competition.

What if I have questions about the data?

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions about the data or the competition.


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