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Idea - 35216

Submitted by Philip Curran.

The App will give the user information about the mobile library.

Idea - 35209

Submitted by Justin Perry.

This app will suggest an activity for citizens while promoting local businesses and Fingal recreational areas at the same time.

Idea - 35208

Submitted by Maroon C. Tabbal.

Fine Gall do Chách (Fingal4all) is a site specific, user driven local amenities Satnav. This app will graphically display resources in Fingal and encourage continuous public dialogue by evaluation of these environments in terms of Universal Access, user friendliness, aesthetic appeal, and safety for citizens of all ages and abilities. Fine Gall do Chách (Fingal4all) provides a continuous flow of information on architecture / urban fabric / amenities that directly impact quality of life in these local communities. In turn, user commentary, feedback and location ratings creates an electronic community forum. This information will be intertwined (mashup) with live news feeds / tweets / social media “likes: and a location specific event calendar with the same opportunities for public expression and participation.

Idea - 35207

Submitted by Conor McGrath.

Mobile application where a person may select a housing estate in fingal and subcategories such as house model type, and select details on a buliding supplier attributes.

Idea - 35203

Submitted by David Sexton.

My idea for a new App for Fingal is based on my own experience as a newcomer to the Fingal Co. Co. area in 2005. Newcomers to the area need to gather a lot of information about the locality and its services, including local essential services contact details (Garda stations), local amenities etc. There is also a possibility to develop a similar app for new enterprises in Fingal or businesses thinking of locating in Fingal. The user experience would be the same except the data selected would be different. For instance, some of the data enterprises might be interested in would be pupil numbers (if targeting a youth market), commercial premises availability, etc.

Idea - 35202

Submitted by rory bannon.

An app that utilises a dedicated tweet feed fromstatic traffic users caught in a tailback in Fingal.Incoming data to be displayed on a map of Fingal.Alternative routes to be highlighted to channel newly arrived traffic.

Idea - 35201

Submitted by John Merriman.

Neighbourhood Watch App. Access by password to local Neighbourhood Watch Groups. Ability to post warnings and suspicious activity in the local area. Ability to observe local cams where available to help protect vulnerable sites. For example GAA clubs, Old Folk homes etc. Gardai can observe and contribute to site. Contact to garda Stations through site. Ability to print off items such as warning stickers etc.

Idea - 35197

Submitted by Mark Laska.

I came up with this Idea based on my life experience, I'm 25 years of age and like every young person I enjoy drinking over the weekend (like most people in Ireland I think). The problem is that after every weekend party we always end up with thousands of empty bottles (and we are not alone:) and because its hard to find recycle bank, they are thrown to the bin. Additionally, people moving in and out very often changing their home place and for instance when someone will move from Rush to Skerries, instead of driving around to find recycling bank they will through out empty bottles to the bin as people are too lazy especially young generation :P. Having an app with recycling bank locator using google maps and gps(something similar to foursquere (foursquare.com)it will change our life. because bottles are thrown to the bin, we have to pay for collection. Having an app showing closer recycling bank place will help us to SAVE OUR MONEY and at the same time HELP FINGAL COUNTY COUNCIL in glass recycling.If you do not use this idea I will create and register it in patent office because I think it will meet people needs this days:P.Thanks. Mark

Idea - 35196

Submitted by Amy.

To encourage people to shop locally in Fingal and give local businesses a much needed boost, a 'Fingal Deals' App will showcase all of the great current special offers and discounts run by Fingal businesses. Every kind of business can be listed so people can find great deals for whatever type of service they're looking for.

Idea - 35190

Submitted by Elena Montes Macias.

“Fingal Business Directory” app: A directory of businesses in Fingal area. It would be a project to map all offices locations in the County and show some information of each business using Fingal Open Data. All information contained within the database would be owned and operated by Fingal County Council. This app would offer you a “Category” section where you can customize your search and will show you in a map all companies that offers the services you are looking for. Then, you can choose any of the offices in the map and see a short description, website, email and phone, know if it is a company or freelance/self-employed person and also get the route between your current location and the office. You will also have a “Nearby” section in the app, where you can see all business around you and also customize which kind of business you want to see in the map around you, or if you prefer to move the map to another part of the County you could see the businesses around the center of the map you have indicated.

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