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Idea - 35080

Submitted by Alan Thornberry.

A water resource app to alert residence of restictions in effect, general health of the reservior and to report leaks

Idea - 35079

Submitted by C.Clancy.

Household Charge Verification and Processing Web Application The idea is to use open data from public and semi state organisations such as Revenue Commissioners, ESB, Private Residential Tenancies Board, Electoral Registrar, NAMA, Department of Social Welfare, County/City Councils etc to develop a payment and verification mapping dashboard for the €100 Irish Household Charge. This information would allow county and city councils to quickly see which households are exempt from the household charge and which households have not yet paid. The web application could then be integrated with the Government Household Tax Payment Gateway. This would allow the mapping of households against an ESRI Interactive Map which would allow country councils to quickly visualise which household had not paid their €100 household charge, who hadn’t paid or are exempt. A rich data analytical layer would then be built over the web application allowing auto generation of household charge notices as well as identifying route locations for county council or bailiffs to do door to door collection in the most cost effective way.

Idea - 34986

Submitted by Linda Ennis.

Develop an application whereby the user may gain information on the location of a community facility in their area, the activities taking place in the centre, contact details, access to the facility's website, cost of hire etc

Idea - 34880

Submitted by Ronan Byrne.

Upon disembarking at a given train station a user could initiate a Train Traveller Tourist Guide App which would map local tourist attractions and their estimated walking distance of each train station. The App would inform the user as to recommended walking route and estimated walking time. The App could also suggest walking tours with estimated round trip time back to chosen train station. The variety of attractions within walking distance of a given train station would inform a tourist as to which station(s) to disembark from.

Idea - 34874

Submitted by Andrea.

Have a mobile app that harvest the information about tides and water quality open data so you can check that before going for a swim in the sea

Idea - 34811

Submitted by VISIT SKERRIES.

The FingalHunt Application uses the power of open data and gamification to turn Fingal into an interactive information playground.

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