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Submitted on Mon, 09 Jan 2012 11:38:39 GMT.


Fingal Coastal Tourism App


The local authority area of Fingal has approximately 88 kms of coastline. Along that coastline are Balbriggan, Skerries, Loughshinny, Rush, Howth harbours. Howth is the busiest working harbour followed by Balbriggan, Skerries, Loughshinny and Rush. Howth harbour is under the ownership of the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine. The other harbours are the responsibility of Fingal County Council. There are two byelaw documents, one covering the use of Balbriggan and Skerries harbours, and another covering the use of Loughshinny and Rush harbours.

There are also 16 beaches[1] under the control of Fingal County Council. Some of which are located at Balbriggan, Skerries, Loughshinny, Rush, Portrane/Donabate, Malahide, Portmarnock and Howth. There are a number of smaller beaches and coves in between all of these areas which makes up the total number along the coastline. There are Beach Byelaws (2006) which govern the acceptable use of the beaches.[2]

Variety of Marine/Coastal Recreation:

There are currently various recreational and sporting disciplines carried out on beaches throughout Fingal and also using harbours as launching facilities but there has never been a structured approach to documenting the activities. For example, there are sailing clubs in Howth, Malahide/Swords, Rush and Skerries. The implementation of byelaws by Fingal County Council in the last five years has made recreational use of the beaches and harbours more attractive to indigenous community users and tourists.

Some of the marine/coastal related sport and recreational activities already carried out at harbours and beaches in Fingal include but are not restricted to the following

  • Sailing/Angling
  • Jet-skiing/power boating
  •  Kite-surfing/wind-surfing
  • Swimming/Triathlon
  • Horse/Pony riding (beaches)
  • Beach fishing
  • Coastal walking/cycling
  • Sea/Scuba Diving

There is also the opportunity for Fingal County Council to generate revenue from the growth in coastal tourism, via Beach Trading. The potential of this revenue is €18,200.00 per season.[3] It could lend itself to the establishment of new business in the area. That is aside from the boost to the existing local economy at the various abovementioned locations for traders in the coastal towns.


The information relative to the Fingal Coastal Recreation would ideally be developed for use through a smart phone app with internet accessibility to a lesser degree. This would allow ad hoc tourists to access information via their smart phone when in an specific area or at short notice, when stopping off in an area. For example, a tourist arriving in Dublin Airport could be alerted through advertising that such an App was available to download. The information contained in the App would encourage people who may be flying into Dublin Airport to spend a day or so in the Fingal area. It may even encourage them to obtain accommodation in Fingal and travel into the city when they wished to do so rather than base themselves in the city and travel out for the more recreational activities.


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Idea - 35252

Submitted by Dave Glynn.

MyClubDiary.com is an online/mobile messaging network allowing members to keep in contact with clubs/groups they or their children are involved in from a point of view of events and status messages.

Idea - 35246

Submitted by Catherine Rooney.

Multicultural Magic Consider a calendar, a clock & cultures Gather together all the multicultural festivities/activities/special events/sacred days/major dates etc highlight them on a calendar [that opens up with a touch on the date]

Idea - 35245

Submitted by Shane O'Sullivan.

LocalMascot is a Live Match Programme App, both mobile and web based, for local sports being played in the Fingal area. These sports include but are not limited to soccer, GAA, and rugby. The Fingal data that the proposed App would use is that which provides the location of playing pitches in Fingal along with the type of sports being played and pitch name.

Idea - 35244

Submitted by Darragh Kirby.

Idea: TaxiAngel is the world’s first taxi related app of its kind serving the following 3 purposes: Using data made available by Fingal County Council TaxiAngel provides the user of the locations of all taxi ranks in the Fingal County Council area. Based on the relevant dataset supplied by Fingal County Council all taxis using the Fingal taxi ranks will be supplied with smartphone barcodes for the TaxiAngel scan system. TaxiAngel provides security for passengers as when they sit into the taxi the TaxiAngel app allows them to scan the barcode and store the taxi number, location and time in the TaxiAngel database. This facility also easily enables the passenger to retrieve property left or lost in taxis. Although there are taxi apps in existence none of them solve or even target these 3 major issues. Existing taxi apps facilitate the booking and/or payment of a taxi, but one major flaw in most of them is that they rely on the taxi drivers having the app also.

Idea - 35226

Submitted by Joe Corr.

The Fingal Heritage Trail Network App is developed to: • Boost tourist numbers for a positive impact on local economies • Raise the profile of Fingal for international tourists and indigenous users • Bring awareness of the deep heritage that exists in Fingal • Encourage post-primary students to explore the heritage in their area

Idea - 35224

Submitted by Garry Palmer.

The category of this idea entry is tourism. The Idea is to develop of an innovative, dynamic and captivating application for both mobile and tablet use that assists, informs and guides visitors to the Fingal area.

Idea - 35223

Submitted by Joe Corr.

The Fingal Coastal Tourism App is developed to: • Boost tourist numbers in coastal towns for a positive impact on local economies • Raise the profile of Fingal for international tourists and indigenous users

Idea - 35222

Submitted by Justin Perry.

This app will suggest an activity for citizens while promoting local businesses and Fingal amenities at the same time.

Idea - 35220

Submitted by Sylvie Dalye.

"Amazing Women"in the fingal area ,is an APP specifically targeted at women who want to develop their creativity back into their life . The APP will be used by women at home or working who may have lost the get up and go threw constant struggle with all work and no play.As we all know women are perhaps the most passionate Human Beings with all seven senses who love reading Romantic Novels , Romantic movies ,Dancing, writing, Art,Drama, cooking, knitting Gardening with the financial burdens as we have moved away from enjoying what we are good at . However the APP’s main purpose is to put you on the right track in your local area to learn new skills and develop your creativity further . WHat can I learn, where can I learn to dance , who can teach me. What knitting classes are on in the area, although we see them on the notice board , we are constantly missing the start dates . Just think of all the learning we can do , what other areas can I develop in . Sometimes as a working mum both at home and outside you are so busy you cant get to the local library or chat within the community to find out about what classes are on . The APP is to provide inspiration to women to live life to the full .

Idea - 35219

Submitted by Susan Joyce.

An iPhone app that allows library members to check and renew their loans. This will give people greater choice and flexibility in how they interact with Fingal County Libraries. An advantage of an iPhone app over, for example, a SMS text based reminder system, means Fingal Libraries does not have to collect and store email addresses or text numbers in order to push information out to their members.

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