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Posted by Dominic Byrne on Mon, 16 Jan 2012 11:03:17 GMT


  • The competition will open for entries from midday on Wednesday 9th November 2011 and close at midday on Monday 9th January, 2012
  • Entries received after the closing date will not be eligible for prizes


  • The competition is open to Irish residents or companies – a valid Irish address must be submitted with each entry and PO boxes will not be accepted
  • Entries can be submitted by individuals, groups or companies.
  • For group entries, all entrants must reside in Ireland.  Groups may be formed for the purpose of the competition
  • Companies who wish to enter must be registered in Ireland.
  • Companies with more than 10 employees are not eligible for monetary prizes.
  • Entrants for the Ideas category can be individuals only
  • Entrants for the Student category can be groups.  For group student entries, all entrants must be students.
  • In the case of students, evidence of registration in recognised institutions should be included in the entry
  • There is no age limit, but if you are under 18, please make sure you have the permission of a parent or guardian before getting involved. Prizes for any winner under 18 will be awarded in the name of their parent or guardian on behalf of the winner.
  • The Competition is not open to Fingal County Council employees or their families

How to Enter

  • Entries may be submitted via http://data.fingal.ie/apps4fingal or may be emailed to [email protected]
  • We will email confirmation of receipt of your entry
  • Application entries must include the following information –
    • Name of Entrant(s)/Company
    • Address of Entrants(s)/Company
    • Email address of Entrant(s)/Company
    • Number of employees if a company
    • Whether entrant is a student
    • Whether entrant is under 18
    • Name of Application
    • Category of Entry – Tourism, Enterprise or Community (if applicable)
    • Descriptive summary of Application and how it works (links to supporting information including websites or videos may be included)
    • Description of the Fingal data used by the Application
    • Clear instructions for accessing and using the Application
    • A working URL where the Application is accessible
    • At least one image of the working application
  • Idea entries must include the following information –
    • Name of Entrant
    • Address of Entrants
    • Email address of Entrant
    • Whether entrant is under 18
    • A text description of the proposed application including sufficient detail to clearly describe the main elements of the proposed application and how it would be used
    • Description of the Fingal data that the proposed application would use

Entry Criteria

  • Entries must make use of at least one dataset from Fingal Open Data http://data.fingal.ie or Dublinked http://www.dublinked.ie that includes data relating to Fingal
  • Entries must be original and functional applications solely owned/devised by the entrant(s)
  • Applications entered must be available for access or download via the internet without cost at the date and time of entry, and for the duration of the competition and then for a further 6 months after that.
  • Entrants acknowledge that their entries may be used for promotion of the competition and Fingal Open Data.
  • Applications may not use data that has any legal restrictions
  • Entries may be rejected if, in the view of the competition organisers, they are illegal, offensive, defamatory or contain personal or private information.
  • Fingal County Council is not responsible for any costs, damages or loss incurred by any entrant.


  • There are two types of entry – Ideas and Applications
  • The Applications categories are as follows –
    • Overall
    • Tourism
    • Enterprise
    • Community
    • Student
    • Larger Organisation Recognition
  • The winner of the Overall category will be selected from all entries excluding entries from companies with more than 10 employees and excluding Idea entries. 
  • There are three thematic Application categories –
    • Tourism : for applications relating to tourism or leisure in Fingal
    • Enterprise : for applications designed to support business or to stimulate economic growth and development in Fingal
    • Community : for applications designed to encourage people to connect with others and improve the quality of life in Fingal including age-friendly, disability, etc.
  • The winner of the Student category will be selected from all entries submitted by students or groups of students.  Entries do not have to be submitted under the three thematic categories above in order to be eligible for the Student category.
  • The winner of the Larger Organisation Recognition category will be selected from entries from companies with more than 10 employees.  This will be a recognition award.
  • Entries will only be eligible to win a prize in one category, with the exception of the Overall category which may be awarded to the winner of one of the three thematic Application categories or the winner of the Student category.
  • The Ideas category is for ideas for proposed applications that would benefit Fingal.  Entrants for the Ideas category must provide sufficient detail to clearly describe the main elements of the proposed application and how it would be used.