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Expenditure Budget - May Dataset of the Month

Posted by Dominic Byrne on Wed, 07 May 2014 00:10:49 BST

Our Dataset of the Month for May 2014 is the Fingal County Council Annual Budget.

Fingal County Council's Annual Budget follows the same format as all other Local Authorities.  The published Annual Budget documents can be found at http://fingal.ie/your-council/budgets-expenditure-and-financial-statements/

The budget is comprised of Tables A to F and Appendix 1.  Each of these tables is represented by a separate data file on Fingal Open Data.

We have taken the expenditure data from Table F for the years 2010-2014 and used them to create a visualisation of Fingal County Council Expenditure Budget on the OpenSpending website at https://openspending.org/fingal_exp_budget (see above screenshot)

The following are the data files for 2014 that you can find on Fingal Open Data -

Table A - http://data.fingal.ie/ViewDataSets/Details/default.aspx?datasetID=591

Table A is the Calculation of the Annual Rate on Valuation for the Financial Year. It is comprised of a number of sections and a series of calculations to determine the Annual Rate on Valuation.

Table B - http://data.fingal.ie/ViewDataSets/Details/default.aspx?datasetID=590

Table B provides a breakdown of the Expenditure and Income contained in Table A. The Expenditure and Income is broken down to Service level per Council Division.

Table C - http://data.fingal.ie/ViewDataSets/Details/default.aspx?datasetID=589

Table C is the Calculation of the Annual Rate on Valuation for the Financial Year for Balbriggan Town Council.

Table D - http://data.fingal.ie/ViewDataSets/Details/default.aspx?datasetID=588

Table D is the Analysis of Budget Income from Goods and Services.

Table E - http://data.fingal.ie/ViewDataSets/Details/default.aspx?datasetID=587

Table E is the Analysis of Budget Income from Grants and Subsidies.

Table F - http://data.fingal.ie/ViewDataSets/Details/default.aspx?datasetID=586

Table F is the Expenditure and Income for the Budget Year, and Adopted Budget and Estimated Outturn for the previous Year.


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