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OKFN Hackathon

Posted by Dominic Byrne on Mon, 30 Sep 2013 14:29:54 BST

The first OKFN Ireland event took place in Dublin on Saturday 28th September, 2013. Over 30 people attending the Hackathon to work on opening up data by creating a National Open Data portal, carrying out an audit of available data and reviving the opendata.ie website.

The Hackathon was held in TCube Dublin - a co-working venue for entrepreneurs and startups which also hosts tech meetups - a great venue for the hackathon.

The event was also the launch of the Irish OKFN local group.  OKFN is the Open Knowledge Foundation which is a global movement to open up knowledge around the world and see it used and useful.  It's great to see an OKFN group being established in Ireland - well done to Denis Parfenov for the initiative.

Attendees worked on a number of different areas, as follows -

The Portal group worked on deploying a National Open Data Portal by installing CKAN.  The group made great progress getting the server up and running, the datasets transferred from the existing http://ie.ckan.net/ and some new datasets added.  The new site is still a work in progress and can be found at http://ckan.curatedublin.com/

The Data Audit group worked on hunting for available data - both Open Data and data which has been published but not necessarily in open formats or under an open licence.  As part of their work the group also worked on compiling metadata about the datasets for publishing on the portal.  By the end of the day, the group had compiled a spreadsheet of 29 APIs, 16 Catalogues and 167 Datasets.  More suggestions have also been provided via Twitter which will be added to the spreadsheet.

CKAN Hackathon

The opendata.ie group worked on updating the opendata.ie website - check out their work at https://sites.google.com/site/opendataie/

The OGP Ireland group reviewed the Civil Society submission on Ireland's participation in Open Government Partnership and made a number of suggestions.  The group also worked on a proposal for an Open Data Institute in Ireland‎

At lunchtime, Ciaran Gilsenan gave a presentation announcing the establishment of Code For All Ireland and explaining the concept.  Code For All Ireland will be based on the Code For America Brigade model.  The aim is to use technology to enable government to become more open and efficient.  The first meeting will be held in Dublin in October 2013 - sign up on the Code For All Ireland website for updates

Thanks to all who attended the event and did such great work - it was particularly good to see a number of new faces.  Thanks to the event sponsors Fingal Open Data, ESRI Ireland and IRLOGI.  A special thanks to Denis Parfenov, OKFN Ambassador for Ireland, for organising the Hackathon.

Tweets from the day have been storifyed at http://storify.com/Fingal/ckan-hackathon

Photos from the Hackathon can be found on the OKF Ireland Flickr stream.

Dominic Byrne,
30th September, 2013


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