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Annual Budget 2012 - Table A

Created on 5/27/2013. Rating:

Categories: Citizen Participation

This dataset contains data from the Council’s Annual Budget. The budget is comprised of Tables A to F and Appendix 1. Each table is represented by a separate data file.

Table A is the Calculation of the Annual Rate on Valuation for the Financial Year. It is comprised of a number of sections and a series of calculations to determine the Annual Rate on Valuation.

This dataset is used to create Table A in the published Annual Budget document, which can be found at http://www.fingalcoco.ie/Publications/Council/Annual%20Budget%202012.pdfThe data is best understood by comparing it to Table A.

  • Section 1 of Table A contains the Budgeted ‘Expenditure’ and ‘Income’ per Council Division for the Financial Year and the ‘Estimated Net Outturn’ per Council Division for the previous Financial Year. The ‘Estimated Net Expenditure’ for the Financial Year is the sum of ‘Expenditure’ and ‘Income’.
  • Section 2 of Table A contains ‘Minus County Charge’ and ‘Provision for Debit Balance’
  • The ‘Adjusted Gross Expenditure and Income’ is the total of Section 1 and Section 2
  • Section 3 of Table A contains ‘Provision for Credit Balance’, ‘Local Government Fund/General Purpose Grant’ and ‘Pension Levy Deduction’
  • The ‘Amount of Rates to be Levied’ is the ‘Adjusted Gross Expenditure and Income’ minus the total of Section 3
  • Section 4 of Table A contains ‘Net Effective Valuation’
  • The ‘General Annual Rate on Valuation’ is the ‘Amount of Rates to be Levied’ divided by the ‘Net Effective Valuation’

Data fields for Table A are as follows –

Doc : Table Reference
Heading : Indicates sections in the Table - Table A is comprised of four sections; each section is represented by a sequential number in the heading field i.e. Heading = 1 for all records in the first section; etc.
Ref : Item Reference (In section 1 = Division Reference; In other sections, CAL = Minus County Charge; DB = Provision for Debit Balance; CB = Provision for Credit Balance; LGF = Local Government Fund/General Purpose Grant; PL = Pension Levy Deduction; NEV = Net Effective Valuation)
Description : Item Description
Expenditure : Expenditure for this Item
Income : Income for this Item
PY : Estimated Outturn for this Item for previous Financial Year

Extent Fingal
Agency Fingal County Council
Update Frequency Annual
Date range 2012
Date Published 5/27/2013
Date of last Revision 5/27/2013
License Summary License
CSV /datasets/csv/CSVBUD2012_TableA.csv