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11th Open Data Ireland Meetup

Posted by Dominic Byrne on Thu, 12 Dec 2013 22:51:15 GMT

The 11th Open Data Ireland meetup took place in EngineYard, Barrow Street, Dublin 4 on 21st November 2013. Around 20 people attended the event which focused on project work following on from the September Hackathon.

Tweets from the meetup have been storified at http://storify.com/Fingal/11th-open-data-ireland-meetup/

Denis Parfenov @prfnv kicked off the meetup with an Overview of the Agenda for the meetup and invited those attending to form two working groups to follow on the work from the September meetup.

The first group worked on the Open Government Partnership process and developing recommendations for on-going civil society engagement - both online and offline.

The second group worked on the Open Data Ireland CKAN Portal and the audit of available datasets.  The group familiarised themselves with the process for uploading data to the CKAN Portal and uploaded some datasets.

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Laura James @LaurieJ, CEO of Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) @OKFN then joined the meetup via Google Hangout to give an overview of the OKFN and its mission to promote open data and open content in all its forms.  She gave an overview of a number of OKFN projects -

School of Data - teaches people how to gain powerful insights and create compelling stories using data - http://schoolofdata.org/ 

CKAN - a powerful data management system that enables publishing, sharing, finding and using of data openly - http://ckan.org/  

Open Spending - enables publishing, visualising, tracking and analysing of public financial information globally - http://community.openspending.org/  

Open Data Handbook - a handbook covering the why, what and how of open data - http://opendatahandbook.org/

Laura spoke about how Open Data and Open Knowledge can change things for people in their everyday life, identify inefficiencies, enable problems to be solved and identify better ways of doing things.

Following her talk there were a number of questions for Laura, including what did she think was the most successful School of Data expedition.  Laura said that there were lots of examples from lots of different places and specifically referenced a data expedition on Safety in Garment Factories

Following a break for pizza and beer and chat, Alexandre Passant from Seevl @seevl gave an overview of their Music Discovery service.  Seevl re-uses a number of open APIs to provide their service including Wikipedia, YouTube and Deezer.

Denis Parfenov then gave us an overview of the Open Data Ireland calendar that is being planned for the coming months.

The next event will be an Open Data Christmas Party in the Bull and Castle, Dublin.  The most likely dates are Friday, 6th or Thursday, 12th December - remember to vote for your preference.

In the new year, Open Data Ireland will hit the road for the first meetup to take place outside Dublin.  Meetup #12 will take place in Cork on 23rd January, 2014.  Details will be made available at https://tito.io/open-data-ireland/

Meetups will take place every month until July, which will be followed by a break in August.  It is planned to continue with meetups outside Dublin, with the hope of a meetup taking place in Galway in April and in Letterkenny in July,

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated, to Denis Parfenov and Flora Fleischer @daydreamer2105 for organising and to Laura James and Alexandre Passant for presenting.  A special thanks to Eamonn Leonard and Engine Yard for hosting and refreshments.

Dominic Byrne,
29th November, 2013.



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