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Annual Budget 2018 - Table A

Created on 2/1/2018. Rating:

Categories: Citizen Participation

This dataset contains the data from the Council’s Annual Budget. The budget is comprised of Tables A to F and Appendix 1 & 2. Each table is represented by a separate data file.

Table A is the Calculation of the Annual Rate on Valuation for the Financial Year. It is comprised of a number of sections and a series of calculations to determine the Annual Rate on Valuation.

The data in this dataset is best interpreted by comparison with Table A in the published Annual Budget document which can be found at http://www.fingal.ie/media/Annual%20Budget%202018.pdf

  • Section 1 of Table A contains the Budgeted ‘Expenditure’ and ‘Income’ per Council Division and the ‘Estimated Outturn’ per Council Division for the previous Financial Year.
  • The ‘Gross Revenue Expenditure and Income’ is the total of section 1
  • Section 2 of Table A contains ‘Provision of Debit Balance’
  • The ‘Adjusted Gross Expenditure and Income’ is the total of Section 1 and Section 2
  • Section 3 of Table A contains ‘Provision for Credit Balance’, ‘Local Property Tax’ and ‘Pension Related Deduction’
  • The ‘Amount of Rates to be Levied’ is the ‘Adjusted Gross Expenditure and Income’ minus the total of Section 3
  • Section 4 of Table A contains ‘Net Effective Valuation’
  • The ‘General Annual Rate on Valuation’ is the ‘Amount of Rates to be Levied’ divided by the ‘Net Effective Valuation’

Data fields for Table A are as follows –

Doc : Table Reference
Heading : Indicates sections in the Table - Table A is comprised of four sections; each section is represented by a sequential number in the heading field i.e. Heading = 1 for all records in the first section; etc.
Ref : Item Reference (In section 1 = Division Reference; In other sections, DB = Provision for Debit Balance; CB = Provision for Credit Balanc;LPT = Local Property Tax; PRD = Pension Related Deduction; NEV = Net Effective Valuation)
Description : Item Description
Expenditure : Expenditure for this Item
Income : Income for this Item
PY : Estimated Outturn for this Item for previous Financial Year

Extent Fingal
Agency Fingal County Council
Update Frequency Annual
Date range 2018
Date Published 2/1/2018
Date of last Revision 2/1/2018
License Summary License
CSV /datasets/csv/CSVBUD2018_TableA.csv